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Our Philosophy

Our aim at the Art of Undoing is to assist you in finding the wellbeing, harmony and inner peace inherent within each of us. We provide a supportive environment for you to let go of the old ways of being that no longer serve you. See the reviews at the bottom of this page for an idea of what clients have experienced.

Rather than bringing attention to what is wrong it is preferable to focus on the inherent wholeness of our being and remove the obstacles that allow us to express it in our everyday life. At our core we are already healthy, happy and whole. All we need to realize this is to let go of the stuff that keeps our mind preoccupied.

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” Mother Teresa

Craniosacral massage Asheville

We use several methods to help you achieve this sense of wellbeing so that we can address your needs effectively. Most bodywork helps relieve stress and constrictions at the physical level. However Craniosacral Therapy goes deeper to where trauma and stress are often stored. It is more effective for dealing with long held issues that are often the root of our troubles. Meditation and breath work give the client the skills they need in the journey to restore balance within.

Each of these techniques affects every aspect of our being but people are as different as the days that pass and as such require different approaches to healing. Some people respond better to a Craniosacral Therapy for simple stress relief and a central nervous system reset. Others have had lasting postural improvement from CST. For times when an even deeper level is required we use dialoguing, a technique that enable the client to speak directly with the issues underlying their pain. There is no formula that work for everyone which is why we let your personal requirements determine the treatment you receive. Your Craniosacral journey will be an ever evolving process that dynamically moves to meet your needs as they arise.

What ever modality for healing you experience you will leave feeling a whole lot better than when you arrived.

Simon Newton – NC LMBT#15781

Craniosacral Massage Therapy Asheville

After studying Applied Psychology in the UK and becoming disillusioned with academia I set out on a long path of inner and outer discovery. It has been 24 years and that journey is still just beginning. My background is in psychology, mysticism, meditation and yoga philosophy and I have been a student in the Kriya Yoga tradition since 2000. This passion for healing is driven by the necessity of removing the obstructions to inner peace that can’t be easily addressed by meditation alone.

The techniques and knowledge I use today are those that helped me recover from my own trauma. This includes numerous surgeries and recoveries, being kidnapped for white slavery, being suffocated until I slipped away to the void as a baby, and other such character building adventures. If it hasn’t worked for my own personal needs I won’t use it on anyone else and my approach is under constant review. Theory is no substitute for practice and real life experience.

My work focuses mainly on Craniosacral Therapy (CST) as taught by the Upledger Institute. I also serving as teaching assistant in classes with the Upledger Institute. I used to combine CST with deep tissue massage and myofascial release but now focus on the deeper and more subtle application of my knowledge and experience. I find that the deeper the inner stillness experienced in session the greater and more comprehensive the benefits for the client. This has been the trajectory of my own mystical and healing journey and is also evident in most of my clients. Ultimately the path to wholeness is an ever deepening relationship to our true Self within.


The following reviews have been taken from Google and Facebook.

I – “In my years of exploring various healing modalities, there has been nothing that compares to the work of cranial sacral therapy given by Simon Newton. I literally see subconscious memories and thoughts rise up and/or feel them move through my body in such an effortless beautiful dance. I find the best results when I take Simon’s advice , and try not to give any meaning or “story” to any images that come up. The beautiful thing about CST is that you don’t need to understand it for it to be effective . It’s hard to give these sessions justice through words!”

M – “I was so fortunate to have found Simon after searching for practitioners in any modality that could perform somato-emotional release. Simon’s craniosacral sessions have helped me address and work through issues and stuck trauma, instead of suppressing. My health and emotional mindset have greatly improved over the last few months, and I definitely attribute a lot of this to the therapy I have received. He is incredible!”

C – “Simon is absolutely amazing! He is hands down one of the best in the area! I walked in with pain in my hips, lower back, and shoulders and he helped relax and helped with my pain. I walked out feeling balanced and pain free! If you wanna feel balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually he is the best!”

A – “Each of us is born with a unique set of sensitivities, making us uniquely informed about the world. Simon tapped into my cranial blueprint – unleashing an entirely new form of embodied hope. We often hear that CST is effective in releasing trauma. I would agree with this whole-heartedly and also confirm that Simon has found a way to focus this healing work so that it unearths a greater sense of purpose and awareness of one’s authentic self. It doesn’t have to be about the past. Simon’s work can bring you into the present and prepare you for a beautiful future in your own skin.”

Reviews really help other people find us to get the work they need.

P – “Simon is a gifted practitioner. I’m incredibly grateful for how he has helped me to release old patterns of tension and restriction that were contributing to pain and dis-ease in my body. His Craniosacral therapy sessions were amazing and helped enhance my relaxation and greatly reduce my neck and back pain. His caring, deeply intuitive presence creates a safe space that allows me to unwind and let go of what I’m unnecessarily holding on to. The insights I have gained while working with him have been a vital part of my journey towards healing and knowing myself.”

S – “Truly the most amazing experience I have ever had. Simons ability to remain present with my needs, offer both nourishing and therapeutic touch combined with cranial sacral and energy work. I left feeling both ecstatic and more alive then I can remember ever feeling after a session.”

M – “Simon has beautifully quiet hands, the kind of hands that hold an embracing stillness for the unwinding of stress, fear, unfinished business, whatever ails you. I respect and appreciate his gentle but absolutely clear focus!”

M – “I had my first CST Treatment with Simon. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. He’s got the magic! I can’t wait till the next one”

R – “A gifted and intuitive therapist. My craniosacral session with him was equally deeply relaxing and balancing at the same time. I would see him again in a heartbeat. Thanks Simon!”

H – “Genuine, grounded, supportive, and greatly talented in his work as massage and craniosacral therapist. I felt such relief after just two sessions. As a woman, I have historically preferred female massage therapists, but Simon was professional and I felt instantly at ease. I highly recommend bodywork with him- “the Art of Undoing” is an accurate description of his work. Undo the stress!”

C – “I have now had 6 Craniosacral Therapy sessions with Simon. The work is so subtle that I first I wasn’t sure anything was happening. But let me tell you, I now look forward all week to my next session! Each time I leave his office I am amazed at how good my body feels. It’s like getting a full spinal reboot – my entire spine feels loose, spacious, relaxed and perfectly aligned. After one session I noticed that my arms and legs felt loose and free to move as they should. After another session I noticed my hips and neck were settled perfectly into place with none of the tension I usually feel. Simon is calm, welcoming, centred, and clearly loves the work he does. Thanks, Simon!”

V – “I have seen Simon several times for both massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy and each time I leave his space transformed. He possesses a masterful understanding of his craft and he uses his intuition and experience to give me exactly what I need at each session, many times before I realised I needed it! Simon is an exceptional massage and CST therapist with the highest level of professionalism and genuine compassion. I cannot recommend him strongly enough!”

C – “Simon does powerful work. He is very gifted AND he listens to you, providing the exact massage that you both want and need. He has chosen a very wise and appropriate name for his practice because he does just that; his work feels like an art and he tirelessly works to undo years of built up tension, trauma and trouble spots in your tissues. Let him help you help yourself feel better in your skin. Life is long, why not enjoy it feeling better than you do now?”

C – “I am not sure how to express how satisfied I am with Simon Newton as my craniosacral therapist that has not already been covered in previous reviews – intuitive, caring, gentle, magic. I am here to affirm and add to these. Simon IS art… his hands are skilful, his demeanour is an expression of his knowledge and talent, and each session leaves me feeling grateful for his healing.”

J – “I truly feel that everyone in the world needs to experience the ultimate feeling of genuine care and relaxation that Simon provides. His bedside manner and intuition is top notch. I’ve also started taking the CBD oil. That in addition to massage is a great help to healing my past traumas and taking charge of my life again. I am forever grateful to his care.”

E – “Wonderful work, great for the mind, body and soul!”

R – “Simon is Wonderful! He is SO much more than a massage therapist. I don’t get massages for just pleasure. After my chiropractor couldn’t help anymore, I still suffered headaches from my jacked-up cervical spine. Add the stress of a 10 month long divorce, heartbreak and helping 2 young ones cope and I needed help! I’ve seen him an average of once every 3-4 weeks and not only are my headaches fewer and far between but his Craniosacral Therapy training has convinced me that human touch, releasing the hold others have on you and time for yourself are really important. He can teach meditation if your mind is open. He’s changed my quality of life!”

N – “I had back and neck pain, daily headaches, and loads of stress. Simon really showed an interest in getting rid of these things for me and helped me tremendously. I haven’t felt so relaxed in years and now my headaches are minimal, my back and neck pain is practically nonexistent, and my stress levels are at an all time low. After a session with him, my body began to heal itself over the course of a week and now my attitude is improved along with my value of life. It’s quite incredible how deeply one session had an impact on me, and I will definitely be going again soon. I would highly recommend, the price was well worth it and small compared to other therapists considering the amount of healing the session brought about.”

R – “Simon is fabulous at deep tissue massage and Craniosacral Therapy!”

E – “Truly a master of the craft; I’ve never felt more comfortable during, or more relaxed following a massage. He is very kind and patient. Will definitely be going back!”

S – “The Art of Undoing is the place to go! Simon has a calming and nurturing soul combined with amazing massage techniques. He is amazing at stress relief and deep tissue. I also purchased a bottle of CBD oil for my husband. He is in the theatre and the dancing has been tough on his knees. Two weeks of using the CBD oil and he feels a great improvement. I highly recommend this CBD oil. It is pure and very high quality.”

C – “An incredibly caring, compassionate and intuitive healing artist. Each session seems to unlock another layer of healing and assisted self awareness I didn’t know was possible. He is an open book full of wisdom about the healing modalities he practices.”

E – “Amazing at connecting with your body and knowing where to go and what to do to help you most! He is totally worth every penny!!! I highly recommend his work :)”