Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Chapter 1, Verse 38

Even the Effort to Concentrate Is Evidence of a Sense of Illusion.

       “While it is true that eventually the practice of meditation itself will fall away when the perfect state of consciousness is experienced, we must not fall into the common error of thinking that meditation is unnecessary. Only when we have completed our work can we feel justified in throwing away our tools. But to discard them with the work only half completed is to invite self-deception.”

       “Usually it will be found that the practice of the techniques as put forth in this book will enable you to clear your mind and come to a high state of realisation. At this point you can cease the techniques and rest in the state of consciousness that has been reached. The techniques do not produce the state or develop it, but merely clear the confusion from the mind. We are already perfect and whole when we realise who we are, and come to the proper understanding. It is a matter of changing viewpoint from body and limitation, to consciousness and freedom. When one rests in the realisation of the unmanifest state, then he is free from the belief in fluctuating from one level to another. He lives. He moves freely through time and space. He does not experience death or a shutting down of awareness, though he may choose to change dimensions and move from body to body. The first stages of Samadhi or Cosmic Perception begin to cancel out other tendencies and desire patterns, and the higher or purer stage causes a complete regeneration and refinement of body and mind on all levels.”

Roy Eugene Davis Kriya Yoga Meditation Group Class

“The higher or purer stage . . . of cosmic perception . . . causes a complete regeneration and refinement of body and mind on all levels.”

       In this verse we are shown that although meditation and spiritual practice are beneficial and most likely essential for our awakening they are not the end of the road. Once we find that sense of deep inner peace that is without characteristics we rest in that place and allow the purity of our essence of being to enliven our awareness. Basking in the radiance of Oneness we become elevated by our simply Being in that pure state. At this point our meditation tools and spiritual yearning will interrupt our unfolding to Oneness. Even the longing for union with the infinite is an acknowledgement of our separateness from Life and thus an obstacle. While daily meditation is a key component of our awakening we must be ready to leave it behind and move into the non-doing state. To continue with our tools and techniques at this stage is like a sculptor who doesn’t now when to put down the hammer and chisel and edns up with a pile of rocks and no masterpiece.

Once the lame man learns to walk his crutch becomes a burden.