The Art Of Undoing now has a wonderful new location near downtown in Asheville, NC.

After many years of searching for the perfect environment to help you delve deep into your hidden realms we have settled upon a home office.

Gone are the days of putting up with the sound of other therapists and their clients, doors slamming, loud conversations and the general inconvenience of using a subpar work space. We are now located in a spacious, well lit room with private bathroom in a nice modern building in a quiet neighbourhood.

We also have a further benefit to offer with your treatment . . . . . cats!

The benefits of animal therapy have been well documented for centuries and some people even spend each day accompanied by their registered support animal. At The Art Of Undoing we can now offer you the opportunity to have one of our three characterful and loving Savannah cats join you in session. They are alert, aware and conscious beings who frequently join the healing experience. They love to lay on clients legs and bringing a great sense of peace and tenderness to the experience with their warmth, softness and rumbling purr.

For those who are not so keen on the idea of animal therapy we can ensure all feline helpers are kept in another part of the building. For those who are allergic we would like you to know that Savannah cats are hypo-allergenic. Some of our cat allergic clients have had one join them in session with no allergic response whatsoever.

Details will be shared in our next blog post, with pictures, of each cat and their unique attributes.

For now we would like to welcome you to our best evolution yet. Treat yourself and schedule a session with the Art Of Undoing. Allow the combination of Craniosacral Therapy, transcendent music, diffused essential oils, a soothing and safe environment and the magic of felines to accompany you into the deeper realms of your inner being. The sense of peace, balance, safety, insight and resolution will leave you feeling like a new person. Over time the sessions will help you transform your unresolved “learning opportunities” into present day peace, wisdom and joy of being.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Craniosacral Kitten Therapy