What makes Ketamine Assisted Craniosacral Therapy Different?

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Ketamine Assisted Craniosacral Therapy is a pioneering new paradigm in trauma resolution. By now we have all heard of the new wave of Ketamine Therapy and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. While they have both shown great promise we believe that Ketamine Assisted CST (KACST) can provide even greater results. Firstly there is no need for talking [...]

The Purrfection of Cat Sounds

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Cat owners are 40% less likely to die from a heart attack, according to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Study. They are also 30% less likely to die from any other kind of cardiovascular disease such as heart failure, stroke or chronic heart disease. How does a cat create such seemingly magical benefits to [...]

A Beautiful New Therapy Room

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The Art Of Undoing now has a wonderful new location near downtown in Asheville, NC. After many years of searching for the perfect environment to help you delve deep into your hidden realms we have settled upon a home office. Gone are the days of putting up with the sound of other therapists and their [...]

Meditation Group Reading from Roy Eugene Davis – May 16th 2019

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Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Chapter 1, Verse 38 Even the Effort to Concentrate Is Evidence of a Sense of Illusion.        "While it is true that eventually the practice of meditation itself will fall away when the perfect state of consciousness is experienced, we must not fall into the common error of thinking [...]

11 Tips For Effective and Efficient Meditation Practice

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Meditation is an ancient art that we have all heard about. It's benefits are profound and far reaching and we all know we should be meditating regularly. Many of us find it difficult and so we make excuses and avoid it. This guide will help you to keep your mediation practice simple and effective. 1 [...]

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