I know that seems like a far fetched claim, but the drastic transformation that one session of Craniosacral Therapy made to my pet was so profound that it convinced me to look further. It didn’t take long for me to realise the value of Craniosacral Therapy as a powerful tool for healing and transformation and I chose to learn how to practice CST for myself.

My cat, Munchkin, was a ball of fire as a kitten. She was super playful, hyperactive, played fetch for hours, chased the other kittens until they’d had enough and then chased them some more. She was a lot of fun but it was clear that something wasn’t normal. She was jittery, looking in all directions at once, the slightest noise would make her jump up from a deep sleep. She never seemed to fully relax and was always meowing about something or nothing. Since she was so small it was nothing but fun and games and we didn’t question it, we thought it was just kittenly behaviour that would subside with time.

Craniosacral Therapy For Pets

I had never heard of Craniosacral Therapy massage or it’s benefits until my wife at the time took the first level training with the Upledger Institute. Having been involved with the alternative scene for many years I thought I knew everything worth knowing so didn’t really give it much credit. One evening she picked up Munchkin from my lap and began to do some CST on her. She began slowly rotating and bending her spine in a rhythmic way and I commented that if she wasn’t careful she’d break my cat. She replied that she was doing a Craniosacral Therapy technique called unwinding and that Munchkin’s higher self was directing the movements. I though she was talking hippie nonsense but left her to do her thing, since that’s what keeps a marriage happy.

A few minutes later she put Munchkin down on the couch. Immediately we could see a difference. Munchkin shook her head and looked around like she had arrived in the room for the first time. She was profoundly calmer, more in control of her movements and much calmer than we had ever sen her before. And those improvements are still evident to this day, 3 years later.

My scepticism was immediately squashed. The changes that Craniosacral Therapy massage had created in my cat were immediate and profound, and since there is no placebo effect with a 2 month old kitten I could not deny what I was seeing with my own eyes. A few days later I let my wife give me my first session of CST and I have never looked back.

I have given several sessions to Munchkin since that time and each time there is a noticeable change in her demeanour. She becomes calmer and more present and the intense stare lessens. She gets more affectionate and seems happier and less neurotic with each session. This is exactly the same progress that my clients report back to me as their treatment continues.

Craniosacral Therapy benefits for cats

One might ask exactly what CST did to Munchkin to cause such a dramatic change, I will talk more about that in another post, but for now let it be known that I have witnessed the same benefits from Craniosacral Therapy in myself and many of my clients and continue to learn and practice CST as the backbone of my work.