Welcome to the Art of Undoing Cute Cat Pic Page.

We all know that looking at pictures of kittens, puppies and cute furry animals makes us feel good, and there is a reason for that. Studies have shown that certain features, such as big eyes, large forehead, chubby cheeks, rounded features and the like, trigger the pleasure centres in our brain and dopamine is increased.

This is thought to be a primal trait designed to make us more caring towards the young, thereby furthering the chances of survival of the species. Similar features on other species seems to also have the same effect. Dopamine is also released when we fall in love, have sex, take drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, sugar, cocaine, etc. as well as when we anticipate imminent reward. This is why gambling, competing, courting and such can be so alluring. It keeps us going to get what is almost on reach. This drive would have originally served to facilitate hunting and procreation, essential elements of survival.

As well as dopamine release there is oxytocin which is linked to physical contact and the mother infant bond, it gives us that warm fuzzy feeling we get from a good hug.

What this means for us is that by looking at pictures of, or interacting with, cute, fluffy, playful, adorable little bundles of joy we get a double hit of pleasurable neurotransmitters that make us feel good, thereby reducing stress, improving our heart rate, contributing towards movement from flight, fight or freeze response to a calm, rejuvenative state and improving our outlook on life as well as increasing our attention and performance.

So . . . we offer you here an ever updating collection of adorable cat pictures, for your health and wellbeing.